Dating An Escort In NYC

I was alone in New York and it was the weekend. I just flew in and it was the weekend. I was needing some company from a woman bad. So after getting rejected from a few ladies at this bar I decided to search for some escorts that would be able to spend some time with me sight seeing, walking around, get a bite to eat, maybe catch a show or movie and hopefully some drink, dancing and then back to my hotel for some dessert. Sounds like a plan to me.

The first agencies I called wanted a ridiculous amount of money for a girl to stay with me for the day. I remember when I was looking for an escort on the west coast it was the same but with a little patience you can save yourself a few bucks. I found and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were actually quite reasonable. Another escort service as well as escort service are others I tried. This is now something that I could afford. I could execute my plan to the fullest and have some left over if we needed to extend it for longer.

I knew from experience that its best to tell the booking agent what your plans are and how many hours you might be prepared to allocate for the provider so that you don’t end up with a girl that has an appointment or commitment for later. I had it happen to me once before.

I didn’t let the agency know that I was interested in an overnight and the girl had to be at her other job early in the morning. Essentially cutting off my plans by several hours. And at that time of the night it’s difficult to find a replacement escort or at least one that will show up nice and fresh.

I also asked for a native New Yorker and one that lives in NYC and plays in NYC on her time off. I wanted someone that was from the city and knew her way around because quite frankly although I knew what I wanted to do I had no idea what areas of the city is the best to get them all done.

Needless to say my idea worked out great. The escort knew the city inside and out. She recommended the meat packing district in downtown Manhattan because everything we wanted to do was within a 5-10 block radius. Good thinking. The area is super trendy and there were tons of people all over. It’s nice to fit in when you have a good looking woman on your arms that you can place hop with. It made my trip so much more fun and definitely made it something to remember.