Month: July 2014

Dating An Escort In NYC

I was alone in New York and it was the weekend. I just flew in and it was the weekend. I was needing some company from a woman bad. So after getting rejected from a few ladies at this bar I decided to search for some escorts that would be able to spend some time with me sight seeing, walking around, get a bite to eat, maybe catch a show or movie and hopefully some drink, dancing and then back to my hotel for some dessert. Sounds like a plan to me. The first agencies I called wanted a ridiculous amount of money for a girl to stay with me for the day. I remember when I was looking for an escort on the west coast it was the same but with a little patience you can save yourself a few bucks. I found and was pleasantly surprised to find that they were actually quite reasonable. Another escort service as well as escort service are others I tried. I also checked out Queens Escorts Now & Westchester Escorts Now. I liked what I saw at New Jersey Escorts Now but I was way too far from NJ to make it worthwhile. This is now something that I could afford. I could execute my plan to the fullest and have some left over if we needed to extend it for longer. I knew from experience that its best to tell the booking agent what your plans are and how many hours you might be prepared to allocate for the provider so that you don’t end up with a girl that has an appointment or commitment for later. I had it happen to me once before. I didn’t let the agency know that I was interested in an overnight and the girl had to be at her other job early in the morning.… Read the rest

Hectic Time Management

While the rest of the world is on a 9-5 schedule you might not be and for you the rest of the world is hard to keep up with. While it might seem like a negative it is actually a positive as you can really get more done while the rest of the world is doing what everyone else is doing.

The best times of the day to get anything does is either early in the morning or late at night. If you are a mid day worker or night worker this can be perfect for you. Shopping is a breeze from 9-11am or 12am-on. No lines no parking issues. No problems period. The gyms are dead, the roads are clear and everything is a breeze.

Being able to juggle your time so that you are most productive is the key to managing your time. It makes sense that the real time savers are doing the things you do daily at a time when other are not also doing them. A supermarket run time is cut from 3 hours to 1 when you shop while everyone else is home sleeping. Your workout is much easier when the machines are available and there are no lines.

There are no hard and fast rules, but here are some guidelines to keep in mind:

  • If it needs to be done in the next fifteen minutes or so, task-switch. Otherwise, focus: When you’re in a constant rush and under pressure, it can feel like every little thing is an emergency. However, not everything is critical. If you have three tasks to accomplish and they all need to be done in the next fifteen minutes, try to rapidly switch tasks. Otherwise, focus on one part until it’s done, then move on to the next.
  • If you can, run it in the background while you do other things: Running a washing machine takes five minutes to start and it can do an hour of work while you do other things.
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